In all of my years living in China, Harbin was the only place I visited on three separate occasions. Ice sculptures are seen at the annual ice festival, in China's northern city of Harbin, China. Harbin , the capital city of Province of Heilongjiang, is a pearl under the neck of the swan. Mesmerising footage shows 20ft wide ice disc spinning non-stop on a Chinese river due to rare natural phenomenon. Residents of Harbin, a city in China's northern reaches near the Russian and Mongolian borders, experience winter temperatures as low as minus … REUTERS/Tyrone Siu. Trees were coated in a layer of ice as freezing conditions took turning southern China's Zhangjiajie into a winter wonderland. A city made of ice is open to visitors in Harbin in China as part of a yearly snow and ice sculpture festival. The city is famous both for its architectural style and natural beauty. Ice City of China. Close. The world's largest annual ice festival will open its doors to visitors on Sunday in a city near the China-Russia border.. The spectacle appeared yesterday in Genhe City, China's 'pole of cold' Up in the northeast corner of China known as Dongbei, you’ll find the city of Harbin. Located in the northeast of China, the shape of Heilongjiang Province of the map looks like a flying swan. Dubbed the “Ice City” for its bitterly cold winters, the city hosts an annual Ice and Snow Festival, which brings in artists from all over the world to design epic sculptures out of ice and snow. 9 / 25.

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