I was posing like an absolute cutie last night. A fan of ours recently wrote that she calls this look “fancy paws” 579 image copyright Instagram image caption Several commentators worry the trend is frightening and unhealthy Meet Belarus, a very handsome and fluffy boy, yearning for your attention.More than 300 thousand people have already fallen in love with this loveable cross-eyed cat and his fandom continues to expand. People asked how I started teaching Lancelot to jump up to my feet. Hope these photos do it justice. From @my_boy_belarus: “Hands down the best footage you’ll see all day” #catsofinstagram From @petsncharge: “Feather MisCatculation!!! A boy shouts in defiance the commonly used protest slogan "Long live Belarus!" A post shared by Belarus The Cat (@my_boy_belarus) on Jan 15, 2020 at 7:40am PST Move over Colonel Meow — there’s a new mouser taking over the celebrity cat scene. my_boy_belarus 's posts Recommended shares For You @heatherraeyoung 6 hours ago Newport Beach, That deep butterfly love..... That deep butterfly love..... wait for it, and when you get it hold it tight. And this one’s cross-eyed. Credit: @My_Boy_Belarus/ Kennedy News and Media Along with posting pictures, Belarus also uses his Instagram to promote merch featuring his handsome cross-eyed face.

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