315) speaks of comparing his own drawing "with Brown's old draught of it, still preserved in the British Museum," and thus identifies the latter's "shearwater" with the "puffin of the Isle of Man.". It was a draft of the work published in 1650 under the same title. 319. By judiciously watching all stages of the process, by observing the draught, the strength of the acid produced, the temperature, and especially by frequent analyses of the gases, the yield of acid has been brought up to 98% of the theoretical maximum, with a loss of nitre sometimes as low as two parts to loo of sulphur burned. The controlling levers and draught arrangements are similar to those in the "sulky" plough. Draught Tartan, Export, Harp and Carlsberg deluxe, real ale. 23. Even fully laden with coal, their draught was only about. The horse of Cambodia is only from 1 i to 1 2 hands in height, but is strong and capable of great endurance; the buffalo is the chief draught animal. In British English, draught is used primarily for (1) a The ox is very generally used as a draught animal in country districts remote from railways; sixteen or eighteen oxen being harnessed to a wagon carrying 3 to 4 tons. On June 28, her daughter found out that her exam marks would qualify her for university. The drought dried up the creek so that the boat lay idle on the bank. Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Draught" in various phrases and sentences. draughty. to vessels of the largest draught, and there is sufficient deep-water anchorage inside for the navies of the world. 4. The drought was instantly ascribed to us and our God. draught up to Nova York, a few miles above the mouth of the Gurgueia, and could be made navigable up to the mouth of the Balsas. draught was formed from Fort Santa Maura to the town, but the 16 ft. draught specially fitted for the occasion, assisted by the" Iris II. 2. It has several meanings, but in your example it means sort of a gulp of something, like a gulp of beer or, he wants to "drink in" her lips. Q: What does draught mean? This disk is carried on an axle inclined to the line of draught, and also to a vertical plane. 164+8 sentence examples: 1. People looking for: draught in a sentence, sentence of draught, draught sentence, draught sentence examples, draught sentences 3. draughts in a sentence up(0) down(0) 23 It's available from selected DIY stores, priced about £5.50. In the church of Notre Dame (16th century) is Rubens' masterpiece "the miraculous draught of fishes," and in that of St John is a fine triptych by the same master. There are some small harbours for coasting vessels of light draught along the coast of central Chile, usually at the partially obstructed mouths of the larger rivers, as San Antonio near the mouth of the Maipo, Constitucion at the mouth of the Maule, and Llico on the outlet of Lake Vichuquen, but there is no harbour of importance until Concepcion (or Talcahuano) Bay is reached. The fen-drainage resulted in the extinction of many local industries, such as the trade in goose-feathers and the export of wild fowl to the London markets, a 17th-century writer terming this county "the aviary of England, 3000 mallards with other birds having been caught sometimes in August at one draught.". Naples, in writing the little treatise (afterwards included in the Characteristics) entitled A Notion of the Historical Draught or Tablature of the Judgment of Hercules, and the letter concerning Design. In this process the purified ore is mixed with about one-fifth of its weight of a noncaking coal or anthracite smalls, the mixture being moistened to prevent it from being blown off by the draught, and is then fused on the sole of a reverberatory furnace for five or six hours. The act of drawing, or pulling back. It can hardly be expected that zebras and bontequaggas fresh from their native mountains and plains can be brought into competition as beasts of burden and draught with horses and asses, whose useful qualities have been augmented by the training of thousands of generations of progenitors. draught at a cost estimated at £20,Ooo,000 saving some 340 miles in the distance from Lake Superior or Lake Michigan to the sea. The use of small auxiliary blowing ventilators underground, for carrying air into workings away from the main circuits, which was largely advocated at one time, has lost its popularity, but a useful substitute has been found in the induced draught produced by jets of compressed air or high-pressure water blowing into ejectors. 18. draughty can be a little drafty up here too. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. 4. The room was warmer, quieter and draught free The three principal towns are on the northern coast and possess small harbours suitable for vessels of light draught. He was usually represented as one-eyed, having left an eye in pawn that he might purchase a draught from Mimir's well. 12 4 Water must now be copiously supplied to the border, and air admitted in abundance, but … Planting late in spring should, as far as possible, be avoided, for the buds then begin to awaken into active life, and the draught upon the roots becomes great. draught n as adj noun as adjective: Describes another noun--for example, "boat race," "dogfood." 6. It is universally used as a draught animal and beast of burden. 2. UK (beer: draft, on tap) (bière) In a drought it may save his trees. A draught from an opened window crawled through the apartment, rustling papers and the leaves of plants. 2. CK 278005 Many trees died during the long drought. He took a long draught of his beer, wiping foam from his mouth, as he … A Malaysian professor serving a life sentence in Hong Kong for murdering his wife and daughter with a gas-filled yoga ball in 2015 has maintained on appeal that … The inland region, called the sertao, is high, stony, and dry, and frequently devastated by prolonged droughts (seccas). 3. Boats can ply from Kyodan S., and light draught steamers ascend as far as Shwegon, 63 m. It is afterwards tied up in quantities of 25 lb and 50 lb in double bags of sheeting, which are suspended to a ceiling out of the light and draught to allow the excess of oil to drain off. Draught is regulated in the ashpit by opening or closing the bottom door of the furnace and by the damper on the smoke shaft. draught can ascend to Puerto Limon at all seasons of the year. The only natural harbour is Carlisle Bay on the south-western coast, which, however, is little better than a shallow roadstead, only accessible to light draught vessels. All the outlet channels of the river are obstructed by bars built up by the strong current along the Atlantic coast, and only vessels of light draught can enter. Examples of draught in a sentence Since Billy didn’t shut the glass door completely, his mom could feel a small draught. As a result this company is squeezed at a draught broke down other two companies. by vessels of the largest tonnage, and light draught vessels can ascend 20 m. in length, with a draught of 14 ft. Vessels of light draught easily ascend the Orinoco to this point, and a considerable trade is carried on, the exports being cocoa, sugar, cotton, hides, jerked beef and various forest products. There came a drought which threatened the world with famine. 4. Experts believ On war-footing each field battery has 4 officers, 100-120 N.C. officers and men, 100-125 horses and draught animals, 3-9 ammunition wagons; each horse battery, 4 officers, 120 N.C. officers and men, 100 horses, &c., 3 ammunition wagons; each mountain battery, 3 officers, 100 N.C. officers and men, 87 horses, &c.; each howitzer battery, 4 officers, 120 N.C. officers and men, Poo horses, &c., 3 ammunition wagons. draught the size of the object, the strength of the cold outward draft is just amazing. A daughter, I suppose? 164+8 sentence examples: 1. There is abundant pasturage on which excellent cattle are reared; and in some districts buffaloes are bred for draught purposes. Experience only can teach the art of packing wagons and the care of draught animals, and throughout the campaign the small ponies of Poland and East Prussia broke down by thousands from over loading and unskilful packing. The point between Guinness and Guinness Draught is parallel with these examples. A lot of people wonder if there is a difference between draught beer and draft beer, and there is one difference between the two: spelling. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 2. We sell traditional draught beer . Besides the frontier streams on the north and west, the only river of any importance for navigation is the Morava, which is navigable by steamers of light draught as high as Chupriya, about 60 m. Thence to Vienna the draught is limited to 5 ft., and from Vienna to Regensbi:trg *.o a somewhat lower figure. There is nothing as delicious as a glass of draught Guinness beer. The rivers are the great highways of communication, but, in consequence of the lowness of the water between October and May, navigation is then only possible for shallow draught stern-wheel steamers and launches.

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