The body needs healthy fats to make tissue and hormones, so it is essential that you include them in your diet. From clothes and cosmetics to the food shopping, all everyday choices are with the animal welfare in mind. This means that in the same factory non-vegan products are produced so there is a small chance of traces of milk for example, but you would normally see a warning about this. In this post I am going to focus on the food aspect as this is where many people start their journey and show you the amazing foods you can enjoy as a vegan! Cooking your own food is always the healthiest way to go, but I also want to show you some products below for the occasional busy moments when you can’t be bothered to cook and you just want an easy meal. I actually found that I was already eating vegan half of the time so it’s a much easier transition. Peas are best frozen as this way they preserve more of their nutrients. South America: Todo Vegano (finds vegan-friendly stores) Spain: Vegacelona. Took some pictures yesterday of some pretty mouthw, Happy Easter to everyone in Eastern Europe who cel, Had the pleasure of taking the pictures of these d, Dreaming of oriental places, Italian gelato and se. I simply steam some sweet potatoes and chickpeas and add the curry sauce, with some rice on the side. Try these vegan vitamin B12 options: Looking for some vegan meal ideas to test out your store cupboard ingredients? When removing fish from your diet (rich in Omega 3), it’s important to add a plant replacement. When you get to the fresh soup fridge in the supermarket, I am sure you are going to find quite a few veggie soups that are also vegan, ideal for the cold veganuary. :). Lots of foods have a vegetarian label, indicating that there is no meat or animal fat in the product you are buying, but are some of those vegetarian products vegan as well? Choose the following healthy products in your weekly shop to increase your iron intake: Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, needed to keep your brain and cells healthy. It’s no surprise that vegans tend to be very familiar with th e fruit and vegetable aisle! To celebrate veganuary, I have teamed up with GreenJinn to show you how you can save over £6.65 from your vegan shopping list with the innovative cash-back app. A lot of the plant milks are enriched with B12 vitamin. Olives are rich in Vitamin K, E and lots of healthy polyunsaturated fats. I’d add to it that you should look out for anything that says Omega C in it. Loaded with protein, calcium, iron and many other nutrients. Yes it’s surprising, but there are quite a few vegan-labelled foods :). Meat, fish, seafood and their derivatives like. Lists of vegan items in UK supermarkets. The use of vitamin D supplements is a good alternative for those living in less-sunny climates. In addition, I am going to reveal a clever way to save money when you do your vegan shopping at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose! In the US, Aldi has an even more extensive plant-based range called Earth Grown which stocks vegan dairy products and some plant … Vitamin D is used by the body to absorb and use calcium and promote strong bones and teeth. This initiative is not only great for our health, but also for environmental and compassionate reasons. Oh wow 15 years! Protein. © 2019 High Speed Training Ltd. All rights reserved. Contrary to popular (and annoying) opinion, it isn’t hard to get enough protein on a vegan diet. Nuts and nut butters play a key role in a vegan diet. And if by any chance you get some winter ice cream cravings, Alpro have a great range of vegan ice creams, but bear in mind that they are quite high in sugar. The problem I find with lots of vegan & vegetarian products is that they try to imitate meat, which in theory sounds ideal for those used to eating meat, but in reality many “vegan meat” products are way too processed, very starchy and very little nutritional value. From clothes and cosmetics to the food shopping, all everyday choices are with the animal welfare in mind. However you can still get some good quality dark chocolate, which is often vegan (check the ingredients). I was sceptical at first, but it’s amazing how well it melts and how close the flavour is to real cheese. On the other hand if you prefer to cook your sauce from scratch there are quite a few curry sauce recipes online, creamed with coconut. So much information packed in here. « 31 healthy vegan mains for every day of Veganuary, 5 Reasons to visit Flamingo beach in Aruba (besides the flamingos) ». :). For a chance to win, just enter your details, visit GreenJinn’s facebook page and you are in! The winner will receive a £30 coupon in their GreenJinn app, which they can claim back after shopping at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Tesco. I am glad you found it interesting! Last, but not least, make sure to enter my veganuary giveaway below! It also helps to keep you full and so is a ... Fats. Subscribe and receive the top plant-based recipes in a handy ebook + lots of other goodies.

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