Obviously, this sets the pair up for some future True Detective-esque adventures. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Los fans de la extraordinaria serie de HBO El visitante están de enhorabuena: Stephen King ha confirmado que ya se han escrito los guiones para una segunda temporada de la serie. One more hint that a second season could be in the works? HBO España estrenará El Visitante, basada en la novela de Stephen King, el 13 de enero. Si eso es cierto, hasta que podamos esperar para encontrar algunas actualizaciones, la serie será bastante emocionante. The Outsider - El Visitante Eps. La temporada 1 de The Outsider comenzó el 8 de marzo de 2020. The Outsider Season 2 Is Filming Soon, According to Stephen King. This content is imported from Twitter. While HBO hasn't officially announced a second season of the show, Stephen King confirmed that the show is gearing up to film a second season during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Tenemos que haber respondido. The Outsider Temporada 2: ¿Posibilidades de fecha de lanzamiento y otros detalles? The first, fairly obviously, was in one of the closing scenes of the episode. While Holly Gibney is a main character in the titular story from If It Bleeds, this sort of reads like Season 2 of The Outsider is going in a different direction. Stephen King retweeted this, from fellow novelist Linwood Barclay: Great finale. Investigators are confounded over an unspeakable crime that's been committed. So it's possible that Bateman and Price didn't even know that there would be more source material on the way. Within a few moments, though, a frightening final shot makes something very clear to the viewers: Holly has a scratch on her arm. We suspected there would be a second season; while the plot of the book was exhausted by the end of the season, a cliffhanger (not from the book) made it seem like there was certainly an idea of where things were going. If the second season does indeed follow "If It Bleeds," it will likely be in a similar fashion: keeping up with King's story, while maintaining the bigger story for TV (and keeping consistent with the existing story and characters). If you haven't seen the whole season, or if you care about being spoiled, you need to stop reading now. In an interview with Collider in April, though, Jason Bateman said that a second season was being talked about: It should also be noted that this interview was published before King released If It Bleeds in late April. "I'll just say that it's really great and a real spooky paranormal element. Those are the heroes of the story, and the two of them do much of the heavy lifting. But I don’t think this is the last of The Outsider. In the interview with EW, King confirmed that the scripts for the new season have been written, and that he's seen some of them. Ralph Anderson. 10 episodios. Everything We Know About 'Normal People' Season 2, Everything We Know About HBO's 'The Outsider', Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ Might Be Back For a Season 2, What We Know About Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian', Everything to Know for 'Mindhunter' Season 2. ¡Mira los detalles! ¿De qué trata la nueva serie de Netflix? Una publicación compartida por The Outsider (@theoutsiderhbo) el 11 de Mar de 2020 a las 9:00 PDT The following story contains spoilers for the first season of The Outsider. Either El Cuco, Jack, or something else altogether has got her, and is probably coming for her incredible cognitive gifts. With Ben Mendelsohn, Bill Camp, Jeremy Bobb, Mare Winningham. Ver esta publicación en Instagram . While the end of The Outsider seemed to put a wrap on the story of El Cuco, there were a few moments that certainly did a lot to hint at and set up the potential of a second Outsider season. Así que hemos traído todas las actualizaciones para ti. Así que con este éxito 'The Outsider' podría tener una segunda temporada de acuerdo con Jason Bateman, actor, director y productor de los primeros capítulos del show de televisión. King was discussing the differences between Cynthia Erivo's take on Holly in The Outsider versus Justine Lupe's take in Mr. Mercedes, referencing that Lupe has had more seasons, more episodes, and more time to make the role her own. Entonces, ¿si se está renovando? ¿Cuál es el zumbido? Trusted State Police ally Yune Sablo (Yul Vazquez) should also probably be expected to return. Two years later, and that same book has been adapted into a 10-part HBO series that fans and critics alike have flocked to. Una publicación compartida por The Outsider (@theoutsiderhbo) el 10 de Feb de 2020 a las 7:00 PST. Se estrenó el 04 de mayo de 2004 y cuenta actualmente con dos temporadas. Ver esta publicación en Instagram Facts or fairy tales? This would seemingly, in effect, take the series to uncharted ground. Descubre los 13 episodios de la temporada 2 para la serie Outsiders. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Puede que The Outsider regrese para una segunda temporada, pero no se transmitirá por HBO.. La adaptación de la historia escrita por Stephen King ha sido cancelada, a pesar de que obtuvo nominaciones al Emmy por mejor actor invitado (Jason Bateman) y dirección (Bateman) después de una temporada. Created by Richard Price. ¿Por qué? Miniserie de TV. Ver temporada 2 (Outsiders)[2017 ] online gratis en repelis. HBO cancela ‘The Outsider’ sin motivo aparente ‘The Outsider’ promedió un total de 9 millones de espectadores por episodio en todas las plataformas de HBO, su episodio final atrajo a un total de 1.37 millones de espectadores en vivo y un total de 2.2 … He was ostensibly discussing his other Holly Gibney show, Mr. Mercedes, which will now be streaming exclusively on Peacock, but mentioned in passing that The Outsider is just about ready for takeoff with regards to a second season. Granted that the book ends without any of this happening, it's entering totally uncharted territory for showrunner Richard Price (who previously helmed HBO's one-season The Night Of). Ben Mendelsohn como el Det. This is a trick that HBO has pulled before—The Leftovers covered the plot of Tom Perrotta's book in the first season before continuing for two more from Damon Lindelof; Big Little Lies had a second season last summer that was wholly independent of the plot of Lianne Moriarty's book of the same name. Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn in 'The Mandalorian'? Y si hay una temporada, no puede esperar que aparezca en las pantallas hasta quizás 2021. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. A continuación un breve resumen de Outsiders... Una lucha por el poder y el control en las colinas escarpadas y misteriosas de los Apalaches, En los "Outsiders", cuenta la historia del clan Farrell, una familia de extranjeros que han visitado estas tierras desde antes de que se tiene memoria. That's a cliffhanger if we've ever seen one. This is Stephen King, but the story of The Outsider doesn't have anything to do with anyone coming back from the dead. "I know exactly where it's going because I have seen some of the scripts. Ahsoka Tano Will Appear in 'The Mandalorian', The Mandalorian Finally Revealed The Child's Name, Hyundai May Turn the Robot Dog Into a Walking Car, The Mandalorian's Big Reveal Teases Evil Baby Yoda, 60 Memes That Capture the Pure Joy of Baby Yoda. When Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) is saying goodbye to Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo), he suggests that the two could team up again in the future (though he hopes for something a bit more normal, "like a gangland triple homicide, or something like that"). That book, a collection of four novellas titled If It Bleeds, found the horror master telling four previously untold stories—and one of them, the titular story "If It Bleeds," returned to the characters of Holly Gibney and Ralph Anderson. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you," he said. Es muy posible que The Outsider regrese para una segunda temporada, pero no se transmitirá . The horror master says there will be a new season "as soon as they can get the production going." But then, in April, something changed: King released another book. It also made some changes, which will need to remain intact for a second season. El detective Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) y Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo), una investigadora poco ortodoxa, investigan el brutal asesinato de Frankie Peterson, un niño de 11 años, ocurrido en un pacífico pueblo. Parece que el proceso de transmisión en línea se está tomando su tiempo. Season 1 of The Outsider didn't 100% keep with the book—it kept most of the tentpole moments of the story, and expanded when it needed to. This story, or some expanded/adjusted version of it, could make for the basis of a second season. ¡La red de cobertura cinematográfica más grande del mundo ya está en México! ¿O fue cancelado? If the show does, indeed return for a second season—and HBO's calling the final episode a 'Season Finale' rather than a 'Series Finale' certainly seems to be angling that way—than we have to expect that at the very least, Mendelsohn and Erivo will return. Nosotros NO alojamos ni almacenamos en nuestros servidores todo el contenido visto en esta pagina. The horror master says there will be a new season "as soon as they can get the production going.". The Outsider finale's mid-credits scene is where things really start to go wild and invite speculation for a second season. When Stephen King's The Outsider was released in 2018, it was heralded as one of the legendary Horror writer's best novels in years. By Evan Romano. Ralph's wife, Jeannie (Mare Winningham) left the finale unscathed, so it would be reasonable to expect her to be back as well. Lo más importante es que la audiencia: a HBO no le importaría renovarla para una temporada diferente, ya sea que esté bien. The Outsider sigue a una investigación aparentemente sencilla sobre el espantoso asesinato de un niño local encabezado por un policía experimentado y un investigador poco ortodoxo para cuestionar todo lo que creen que es real, mientras una insidiosa fuerza sobrenatural se abre camino en el caso. Let's take a look at some more evidence, shall we? The Outsiders temporada 2 por Netflix The Outsiders (Pez luchador según su nombre en mandarín) es una emotiva, emocionante y romántica serie taiwanesa de género romance y acción escrita por Lin Ya Chun y Cao Ru Píng y producida por Duo Man Ni Productions para el canal GTV. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Expand your sense of reality. The Walking Dead: ¿Por qué Glenn tuvo que morir en The Walking Dead? Given the events of the finale, though, you cannot expect the deceased characters to return. Hacia el final del episodio, Holly (Erivo) es protagonista de cuatro … Claude Bolton (Paddy Considine) didn't die in the finale, but his character is so specifically important to this story (and not personally connected to Holly or Ralph) that he would likely not return outside of maybe a cameo. La narración gira en torno al asesinato de un niño de 11 años que presuntamente había sido asesinado con una parte sobrenatural. "...Cynthia may get that time, because there's going to be a second season of The Outsider as soon as they can get the production going," he said. Es muy posible que The Outsider regrese para una segunda temporada, pero no se transmitirá por HBO. 10 - Basado en la novela de Stephen King, este thriller psicológico presenta a un detective y a un investigador privado mientras siguen el caso del macabro asesinato de un niño y la siniestra fuerza sobrenatural que lo rodea. Es una versión de una novela escrita por Stephen King del título y es un nuevo participante en la moda de la miniserie. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Ningún anuncio de HBO o de los productores había aparecido hoy a pesar de que el programa había recibido excelentes críticas hasta ahora. Outsiders (2016): Temporada 2. The 60 Best Black Friday Deals to Check Out Now, My Secret to Navigating COVID-19 Mental Health, 8 Reasons to Quit Your Phone This Holiday Season, No, Vitamin C Supplements Will Not Save Us All, The Hypervolt GO Is the Mini Massage Gun You Need. Por una series de escenas muy particulares. La colección de thrillers de crimen que es, The Outsider, tiene dos semanas y los amantes están actualmente solicitando su renovación. ¿Es posible y cómo? ¿Curon se basa en una historia real? With whatever storylines the writers had in mind with that cliffhanger, combined with the new source material, we're eager to see where a second season would go. That means you shouldn't expect to see Jason Bateman (Terry Maitland), Bill Camp (Howie Saloman), Marc Menchaca (Jack Hoskins), Andy Katcavage (Derek Cecil), Seale Bolton (Max Beesley) or Alec Pelley (Jeremy Bobb) for season two. Assumed to be a few months later, Holly is washing her hands in her home when she gets a frightening glimpse of Jack Hoskins in her mirror. Outsiders (2016): Temporada 2 A continuación un breve resumen de Outsiders... Una lucha por el poder y el control en las colinas escarpadas y misteriosas de los Apalaches, En los "Outsiders", cuenta la historia del clan Farrell, una familia de extranjeros que han visitado … Evan is an associate editor for Men’s Health, with bylines in The New York Times, MTV News, Brooklyn Magazine, and VICE. El detective Ralph, con su cónyuge, lamentará la pérdida de su hijo, y este caso le permite pensar que encontrará oportunidades. Regardless, that's still out there. She checks her neck for the burn that controlled his mind, but is relieved to find nothing. But he was not willing to tip his cap at all. La serie ahora será comprada por la productora MRC, que espera vender la segunda … La investigación por el asesinato de un chico se torna oscura cuando una entidad sobrenatural hace que el equipo a cargo... Estado de renovación. La serie está protagonizada por Jason Bateman en el papel directo (que también se desempeña como uno de los fabricantes del drama de suspenso) junto con Bill Camp, Jeremy Bobb, Mare Winningham y muchos más. And granted how good Richard Price's last HBO project was—The Night Of, which had no source material—we're excited to see what he cooks up in Mr. King's world. Por la forma en que King lo comenta, parece que HBO definitivamente está avanzando con la temporada 2 de la serie desarrollada por Richard Price en base a la novela homónima de King. En una entrevista con IndieWire, Richard Price insinuó que podría haber una segunda temporada de la serie The Outsider.. Todavía no se sabe si la serie terminará su primera temporada como el libro o en sus propios términos, pero Price dijo que ya estaba trabajando en la temporada 2. {{author}} {{#date}} - {{date-format}} {{/date}}. While the story of King's book has been mostly told and wrapped up in the season's ending, there seem to be a number of hints that the show could return for a second season. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Arrow's Katie Cassidy Wants to Play Female Joker, Why Tython Is So Important in 'The Mandalorian', The Music for ‘Fargo’ Season 4 Is a Perfect Match, Adam Savage Built Luke's Lightsaber in One Day. Un detective mientras el investigador es el lugar para cubrir la misteriosa situación de asesinato y, para su sorpresa, dos personas, para pensar si hay un elemento. Si bien los productores no lo han anunciado, nosotros creemos que The Outsider tendrá una segunda temporada.

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